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Information For Parties Without Counsel (Pro Se Litigant)

If you are representing yourself without the benefit of an attorney, you are known as a PRO SE LITIGANT. Pro Se is a Latin term meaning "for oneself."

As a pro se litigant, you enjoy every right entitled to you under the law. However, pro se litigants are expected to follow/abide by the rules that govern the practice of law in the Federal Courts. Pro Se Litigants should be familiar with the following:

Federal Rules of Practice and Procedure

Local Rules

To assist you, we have written a booklet Filing Your Lawsuit In Federal Court which answers questions most frequently asked by individuals filing their own lawsuit. In addition, the Detroit Mercy School of Law provides a no cost Pro Se Clinic on site at the Levin U.S. Courthouse. More information about the clinic is available here.

An additional resource of common legal phrases and definitions is published by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts.