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Electronic Case Filing Information and Resources

The United States District Court, Eastern District of Michigan requires all admitted attorneys to electronically file documents in their cases using CM/ECF - NextGen. Information regarding rules, policies, manuals and frequently asked questions is found below. Parties representing themselves in an existing case that want to electronically file should fill out the Pro Se File Application for Electronic Filing form and submit it to the Clerk's Office.

References and Resources

NextGen References
NextGen Correspondence

E-Filing Help

Filing users have two options when questions or issues arise when trying to e-file:

PACER Service Center:

  • (800) 676-6856
  • Hours 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM EST
The PACER service center assists users with attorney registration, lost logins and passwords, billing questions (including CJA accounts) and maintaining account information (including primary email addresses).

MIED Help Desk:

  • (313) 234-5000
  • Hours 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM EST
The Eastern District of Michigan also has an e-filing help desk that assists users with choosing an appropriate event, mis-filings, secondary email addresses, and basic questions regarding the public docket.

The MIED help desk cannot provide any legal advice. Technical issues dealing with a user's personal computer, connectivity and internet browser are best handled by a user's own IT support staff.

Next Gen CM/ECF - Are You Ready?

Question 1: Do You have a PACER account?
Question 2: Do you know your PACER username and password?

Forgot Username? Visit this link.

Forgot Password? Go here to reset it.

Question 3: Do you have an upgraded PACER account An account with a username having at least 8 characters, rather than 6 characters. Only upgraded accounts can be linked to a NextGen court. ?
Question 4: Do you know your current ECF username and password?

Contact the court at

Final Notes

If you answered "yes" to all these questions, check back here in the coming weeks for more information and instruction.

On or after February 24, 2020, you will need to link your PACER account with your ECF account.

More Questions? Visit the PACER NextGen page.

Referencing the Court Record

Rule 6 (R6) of the Electronic Filing Policies and Procedures requires attorney filing users to make reference to the PageID when referring to a portion of the record that was previously filed. The Electronic Case Filing (ECF) system also allows reference to the record's document number, or ECF No. The ECF No. and PageID are located in the document header of all electronically filed documents.

When referencing a record by PageID, include the record's ECF No. using the following citation form:

A single pageECF No. 10, PageID.234
Multiple sequential pagesECF No. 10, PageID.234-235
Multiple pages not in successionECF No. 10, PageID.234, 238, 245


In its Order dated 1/3/2020, the Court directed the parties to submit supplemental briefs. (ECF No. 25, PageID.685.)

In his Response, Defendant claims that no contract exists between the parties. (ECF No. 12, PageID.255-256.)

Defendant admitted she was at the scene, which was also confirmed during the proceedings at the local district court. (ECF No. 18-3, PageID.302, 304, 308.)

When referencing a portion of a different case record within the Eastern District of Michigan, the 13-character case number for that other case must precede the citation (e.g., 2:19-cv-11222 ECF No. 15, PageID.280).

Following the proper citation form provides the reviewing judicial officer an electronic link to the document and specific page(s) of the record being referenced. Failing to properly cite the record may result in the filing being stricken from the record.

Attachments that are included with certain filings (e.g., an opening brief) will not yet have a PageID designation at the time of filing. Thus, to refer to an attachment that is being filed contemporaneously with a main document (e.g., an opening brief with an attached exhibit) and also provide an electronic link to the exhibit for the reviewing judicial officer, cite the attachment using the exact description for the attachment that is entered at the time of filing.