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ECF Registration Requirements and Steps for Issuance of a Login and Password

Except as specified otherwise in the Court's ECF Policies and Procedures or by court order, all papers (not simply cases) filed with the Eastern District of Michigan after November 30, 2005, must be filed electronically. To file electronically, an attorney must have an ECF login and password issued by the Court.
  • Be admitted to practice in the Eastern District of Michigan
  • Have an active PACER account
  • Have PDF conversion software, such as the latest version of Adobe Acrobat. (Note: free download of Adobe Reader does not create PDF documents; it only allows viewing)
  • Have a scanner or access to a scanner to create electronic PDF papers from documents that are available only in hard-copy (non-computerized format)
  • Have Internet access.

For other, more common hardware and software requirements, see Section 2.1 of the ECF Filing User Manual.

Process for Issuance of ECF Login and Password
Online Registration Form:
Attorney or designee must fill out initial registration form accessible below.
Request for Validation:
Immediately after online registration form is completed, an email will be sent to attorney's primary email with instructions to fax validation information to the Court. Attorneys must sign fax before it is submitted to the Court.
Authorization to Particpate in ECF Training:
After the Court validates the faxed information, a second email entitled "Authorization to Participate in ECF Training," will be sent to the attorney's primary email address. This email will confirm completion of the validation process and direct the attorney or designee to the Court's online training program.
Required Online Training:
Completion of the online training program is required before a login and password will be issued.
Issuance of Login and Password:
Once training is verified, Court will email login and password to attorney's primary email address.
For additional information, please refer to the Electronic Filing Information and Resources or the Frequently Asked Questions.

Note: By clicking below, you affirm you meet the Requirements to Begin the Registration Process as outlined above and that you are aware of the process for issuance of an ECF Login and Password for the EDMI.