Sunday, January 19, 2020

Electronic Filing Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  1. What is CM/ECF?

  2. Why is CM/ECF necessary?

  3. What is the cost of using CM/ECF?

  4. What are the benefits of using CM/ECF?

  5. What else do I need to know before e-filing?

  6. Are there any exceptions to what can be e-filed?

  7. What hardware and software are needed to use CM/ECF?

  8. How secure is the CM/ECF system?

  9. How do I find out who is receiving electronic notices so I can prepare my Certificate of Service accordingly?

  10. Is a Certificate of Service required when a document is e-filed or does the NEF serve as proof?

  11. I am filing a motion and I have a notice of hearing to accompany it. How do I file it?

Attorney Registration, Passwords & Managing CM/ECF Account Information

  1. If I already have a login and password to e-file in another district court, am I still required to complete online training to receive a login and password for the Eastern District of Michigan?

  2. Can any member of the public register to e-file documents with the Court?

  3. Can an attorney authorize someone in the attorney’s office (such as a paralegal) to use the attorney’s login name and password to file documents in CM/ECF?

  4. I have applied for admission to practice in the Eastern District of Michigan and have done everything except be sworn in. Can I register to e-file now?

  5. I am attempting to register and when I enter my name and MI Bar number, my name does not appear. What do I do?

  6. While registering, I am asked to choose between HTML and Text versions of Notices of Electronic Filing. What do I choose?

  7. I am an efiling user and would like to add a secondary email to my account so someone else can also receive notification when activity in my cases occurs. How do I add or change the secondary e-mail?

  8. Can I change my log-in and password?

  9. If my contact information changes or if I move to a new firm, how do I notify the Court?


  1. Can support staff take the training?

  2. Can the online training be done more than once?

Things To Know As You E-file

  1. Is there a '"How to" guide available?

  2. What is a courtesy copy of an e-filing and how should it be handled?

  3. I need to e-file this document but I am unsure what event to use (what to call the document). What should I do?

  4. I am filing a Motion with the required brief and Certificate of Service. Are they 3 separate filings?

  5. How do I select more than one relief when filing a motion?

  6. I am filing a document on behalf of more than one party. When I am at the "Party Selection" screen, how do I highlight more than one?

  7. I tried to upload a document into CM/ECF, but I get a message that says "document is not a well-formed PDF" — what is the problem?

  8. When the system displays the '"Refer to existing event?"' screen, what is it asking?

  9. I clicked on the NEXT button at the "Final Docket Text" screen and the Notice of Electronic Filing did not come up. I also didn't receive an email notification. How can I verify that my filing went through?

  10. While filing, I hit the back button in my browser and the system said items couldn't be displayed. Now what?

  11. Why will CM/ECF occasionally fail to show the correct menu options, or begin acting strangely after it has worked for some time?

  12. How are fees paid?

  13. I am filing a document with numerous, voluminous exhibits. How much information can I e-file at one time before I run into problems?

  14. I just filed a document and forgot to attach the exhibits. How do I make my exhibits part of the court record?

  15. I need to submit a Stipulated Order to the judge for his/her signature. How do I do that?

Accessing Court Information / PACER

  1. What is PACER?

  2. How do I register for PACER?

  3. Are there fees to access docket sheets and documents through PACER?

  4. My firm already has a PACER login and password. Do I need to establish a separate PACER account, or can I use the firm account?

  5. Why do I get a second login screen after I've already logged into ECF?

  6. I am trying to view a criminal document and the system says I do not have authority to access the document. Why not?

  7. I am the attorney of record and I still cannot view a criminal document filed before November 1, 2004?

  8. Why will CM/ECF occasionally fail to show the correct menu options, or begin acting strangely after it has worked for some time?

  9. When I try to view PDF documents in CM/ECF, I see a blank screen. How can I fix this?

  10. Other frequently asked questions

Notices of Electronic Filings (NEFs)

  1. I received an NEF where the docket text identifies it as a Minute Entry. Why isn't a document or document number associated with it?

  2. I'm a filing user and I am not getting Notices of Electronic Filing for one of my cases. Why not?

  3. I am listed as an attorney of record in my cases and I am not receiving email notification for any of my cases. Why?

  4. If I forward an email notification I received to another individual will that individual be charged for viewing the document?

  5. I accidentally deleted my Notice of Electronic Filing from my inbox. Where can I get another copy of an NEF for my files?

  6. Other frequently asked questions.