Sunday, January 19, 2020

Electronic Filing Required Online Training

The Court has mandated that before a login and password will be issued, the attorney or a designee must complete the required online training. This training takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. To view the online training, this computer must be equipped with the Adobe Flash adapter. You can download the free adapter at To properly perform the online training modules, your computer must be equipped with either speakers or headphones as the training includes audio presentation.

The training is comprised of six modules:

  • General Information
  • Features
  • New Civil Case Opening
  • General Civil Filing
  • Criminal Events
  • Sealed Events

Each module lasts approximately 10-20 minutes. You do not have to complete all six modules in one sitting. Once all modules have been completed, the online training may serve as a refresher or to train new staff members on electronic filing procedures.

Only attorneys that have completed the first two steps to obtaining an ECF login and password or attorneys that already have a login and password may access this training. If you have not yet registered for electronic filing, please click here to begin that process.

Please complete the information below to validate the status of your ECF Registration and Training:

* First Name * Last Name * Bar Number