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These rules are current as of November 1, 2013.

Criminal Local Rules

LCrR 1.1 Scope of Rules
LCrR 5.1 Initial Appearances by Defendant
LCrR 6.1 Grand Juries
LCrR 10.1 Arraignments
LCrR 12.1 Motion Practice
LCrR 12.2 Ex Parte Motion Under the Criminal Justice Act
LCrR 17.1 Issuance of Subpoenas on Application of Appointed Counsel
LCrR 18.1 Assignment of Criminal Cases to Places of Holding Court
LCrR 32.1 Guideline Sentencing
LCrR 46.1 Release from Custody
LCrR 49.1 Filing and Service by Electronic Means
LCrR 50.1 Prompt Disposition of Criminal Cases
LCrR 57.1 Appearances by Attorneys in Criminal Cases
LCrR 57.2 Review of Order of Magistrate Judge
LCrR 57.3 Recording of Proceedings
LCrR 57.10 Assignment and Reassignment of Criminal Cases to Judges
LCrR 58.1 Forfeiture of Collateral in Lieu of Appearance in Accordance with Fed. R. Crim. P. 58(d)(1)
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