Sunday, January 19, 2020

Admission to the Eastern District of Michigan Bar

All applicants must submit the following:

  1. Application for Admission.   Have you been previously admitted? Check here
  2. Original Certificate of Good Standing issued within the last 30 days from a court of record identified in the application. (This must be issued from a court, not a bar association such as the Michigan State Bar).
  3. A written statement of facts disclosing any previous disciplinary issues. (In this case a completed and signed Declaration of Sponsor Form should also accompany the application and statement of facts).
  4. Application fee payable to: Clerk, U.S. District Court.

Required items must be submitted in person or mailed to:

U.S. District Court
Clerk's Office
231 W. Lafayette Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48226

After the application is processed the attorney will receive an email from the Court. When the attorney is ready to receive the oath, the following additional forms are required:

  1. A completed Declaration of Sponsor form, if receiving the Oath of Office remotely.
  2. Signed Oath of Office Form.
  3. A copy of the email received from the Court indicating that the attorney is now eligible to receive the Oath of Office.

Do not submit these documents with the initial application; these are to be provided directly to the judicial officer or clerk performing the Oath of Office, except in cases of disciplinary disclosures as described above.

Sponsor Requirement

Local Rule 83.20(d)(3) requires that applicants have a sponsor in two instances:

  1. Applicant has previous disciplinary issues.
  2. Applicant has an office outside of the Eastern District of Michigan and wishes to receive the oath of office via telephone or video conference.

Oath of Office Requirement

If the Court grants the application for admission to the bar, LR 83.20 (a) (4) requires applicants to take the Oath of Office. An attorney is not admitted to practice in the district until the oath has been administered.

Receiving the Oath of Office

The Oath of Office may be administered either in person, or by telephone or video conference.

  1. In Person: Applicants that reside within the Eastern District of Michigan must take the Oath of Office in person. Applicants will provide the Oath of Office form to the judicial officer. After the oath is administered, the Oath of Office form must be signed by both the applicant and the judicial officer conducting the oath. The judicial officer will return the oath form to the Clerk’s Office.

  2. Telephone/Video Conference: Applicants that reside outside of the Eastern District of Michigan may take the oath remotely via telephone or video conference. If the oath is going to be performed remotely, the applicant must contact chambers staff prior to the administering of the oath and provide both a completed Declaration of Sponsor form and a signed Oath of Office form. The judicial officer will also sign the Oath of Office and return the oath form to the Clerk’s Office.

Electronic Filing Requirement

After completion of the oath, applicants will receive an email explaining the process to register for an electronic filing login and password. As of July 1, 2012, attorneys must be sworn in by a judicial officer or a designee before being eligible to register for an e-filing login and password.

If you have an impending deadline, be advised that once the Oath of Office is administered, the process to receive a login and password may take an additional 2-3 business days to complete.

If you have any questions, please contact the Clerk's Office at 313-234-5000.

Civility Principles

When completing the Application for Admission, attorneys must swear (or affirm) that they will abide by the civility principles approved by the Court.

Mass Swearing-In Ceremonies

Every December the Court holds a mass swearing-in ceremony. Although held primarily for attorneys who recently passed the bar, it is open to any attorney not admitted to practice in the Eastern District of Michigan. Once the ceremony has been scheduled, a notice will be posted in the NEWS area of the Court's website.