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Judge's Courtesy Copy Policy

One judge’s courtesy copy of all filings that exceed twelve pages in length (including exhibits), and those filings that have any color documents that are relevant to the relief sought, must be submitted to the Judge on paper. All exhibits must be properly tabbed and all papers must be firmly bound, usually along the left margin, i.e., “book style.” Whatever binding method is used must ensure that the papers will lie flat upon a desk when the pages are opened. For both courtesy copies and documents submitted electronically, good practice requires that in appropriate cases, relevant portions of lengthy documents be highlighted. Counsel should be sure that the same portions are highlighted in both electronic filings and in courtesy copies.

Filing a courtesy copy does not substitute for the required use of the court's electronic filings system. A printed copy of the Notice of Electronic Filing must be attached to the front of each courtesy copy. Courtesy copies should be mailed or hand delivered the same day as the document is electronically filed.

Delivery of courtesy copies shall be made by first class mail, or by hand to the inbox outside the main chambers door. For security reasons, couriers will not be admitted into chambers. Hand delivery is required for documents relating to a court proceeding that is scheduled within the next five days or that otherwise require the immediate attention of the court. In such cases the person making delivery should use the intercom system near the inbox to alert the court to the delivery.

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