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Final Pretrial Proceedings and Trial

  1. A case will be scheduled for trial during a thirty day lagging trial docket period. It is counsel's responsibility in all cases after they have been notified of a trial date to contact deputy clerk Alissa Greer, 313-234-2681, to ascertain the status of the trial docket. All cases must be ready to be tried on 48 hours’ notice at any time during the period for which they are scheduled.
  2. Each scheduling order will set a final pretrial conference for a date after the close of discovery, typically for either the final or penultimate Wednesday before the lagging trial docket period begins.
  3. Adjournments of Trial Dates; Conflicting Trial Dates

    Requests for adjournments of trial dates will be accommodated reluctantly as justice and the court's schedule permit. If an attorney has conflicting trial dates and rescheduling is impracticable, the court may require that the trial be conducted by another member of the attorney's firm.

  4. Final Pretrial Order and Conference

    Pursuant to Local Rule 16.2(a), the court requires the Joint Final Pretrial Order to be submitted by the day before the final pretrial conference unless the scheduling order governing the case states otherwise. In all cases the Court prefers the Joint Final Pretrial Order be submitted five days in advance of the conference. Strict compliance with the requirements of Local Rule 16.2 is required, except to the extent that the Court specifically orders otherwise.

  5. Motions In Limine

    There is no special form for motions in limine, but any such motion must be filed at least 10 days before the trial date, and will be ruled on before trial whenever possible.

  6. Exchange of Exhibits and Trial Briefs

    Trial briefs, if desired to be filed by counsel, must be filed five days before the trial date. Trial briefs must not contain any new motions or requests of the Court that had been previously due. Exhibits must be exchanged prior to the trial date unless the Court orders otherwise, and are to remain in the custody of the attorneys through trial and any appeal. A joint bench book listing, describing and containing all exhibits must be supplied for the court prior to trial. Counsel must confer with one another before trial in an attempt to reach agreement as to admissibility of each exhibit.

  7. Bench Trials

    Before or during a bench trial the court will likely invite the parties to submit proposed findings of fact and/or conclusions of law.

  8. Redirect

    Redirect examination shall not be permitted, but may be considered only upon a showing of good cause.

  9. Jury Instructions

    Proposed jury instructions must be submitted no later than the first day of trial. The parties are to confer with each other in an attempt to agree on all jury instructions. If the parties are unable to agree on all instructions, they shall submit a joint packet of those instructions to which they do agree, a packet for those instructions proposed by the plaintiff, and a packet for those instructions proposed by the defense.

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