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Appearances and Conduct of Counsel

  1. Pro hac vice admission is not permitted, pursuant to Local Rule 83.20(c).

    Only attorneys who appear as counsel of record for a party on the CM / ECF docket sheet may speak before the Court on a civil matter. Appearances are accomplished either by signing and filing papers in the case on the docket, or by filing a separate notice of appearance. An attorney whose name merely appears on the pleadings will be deemed not to have made an appearance and will not be permitted to argue before the Court.

  2. Out of state counsel are permitted to appear upon motion of local counsel admitted to the bar of this court

  3. Conduct of counsel

    1. Counsel appearing in court are expected to be dressed in business attire at all times.

    2. Addressing bench, witnesses and jury

      Unless physically unable to do so, counsel must stand when addressing the court, jury, or witnesses, and when the jury enters or exits. Counsel must request permission to approach the bench, witnesses or the jury, and even after approaching should refrain from physical contact with the bench, witness stand or jury box.

    3. Witnesses

      Timeliness of appearance and respectful attire are required.

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