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The Court typically refers civil discovery motions and some settlement conferences to a Magistrate Judge. The Court follows E.D. Mich. LR 16.2, with respect to the preparation of a Joint Pretrial Order.

In addition, the Court requires the following pretrial matters in civil cases: (1) Any nongovernmental corporate party shall, within 5 days of receipt of this order, file a statement with this Court identifying any parent corporation, if the parent changes during the pendency of the litigation, the party shall so advise the Court; (2) All filings must conform to E.D. Mich. LR 5.1, as to size of print, number of pages, etc.; (3) Motions for summary judgment should not be filed with the Court until discovery has concluded, absent special circumstances to be specified in any premature motion.

Additions to the witness list contained in the pretrial order may be requested for good cause. The final pretrial conference is typically held 2-6 weeks in advance of the trial date. The Court will allow adjournment of the trial date only in very compelling circumstances. The Court does not employ a trailing docket. With regard to trial date conflicts, the first trial date notice received proceeds on schedule. An attorney who has a conflict with another trial should file an immediate motion with the Deputy Clerk.

The Court requires that exhibits be exchanged when the attorneys meet to prepare for the Pretrial Order. Three copies of a bench book of exhibits is required on the first day of trial. Exhibits must be separated by tabbed separators. Trial briefs are exchanged 2 weeks prior to trial. The Court does not require any special form for motions in limine, which must be filed 60 days in advance of trial.

The Court issues a Trial Schedule with due dates for motions in limine, voir dire, jury instructions and trial date. The Court has a standing order controlling trial preparation.

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