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Reporting Instructions

The date on your summons is the start date of your term of jury service. The Court utilizes the Automated Juror Information System (AJIS), a recorded messaging system, to communicate the actual reporting date with jurors.

To access your reporting instructions, you will need your 9-digit participant number which is located above your name and address on the front of your jury summons (i.e., 10xxxxxxx). Keep your participant number until your jury service is complete.

Calling the Recorded Jury Message

  • After 5:00 p.m. on Friday before your start date, call 1-800-755-JURY (5879).
  • When prompted, enter your 9-digit participant number.
  • If the message tells you to report, listen carefully to the date and time you are instructed to appear. Only report if the recording tells you to do so.
  • If the message tells you NOT to report, listen carefully for further instructions.


If instructed to report, the following information will be of assistance:


What to Wear

Due to the dignity of court proceedings, the judges of the Eastern District of Michigan request that you wear nothing less than business casual attire.

Courthouse Security

Be prepared to show valid photo identification and to pass through security similar to airport screening. The following items are prohibited:

  • firearms; knives (including pocket knives);
  • scissors; letter openers; screw drivers;
  • mace/pepper spray; and
  • any item which may be used as a potential weapon.

What to Bring

  • Your jury summons.
  • Valid photo identification.
  • A lunch or snack if you wish. (Be prepared to spend the day; limited, if any, vending machines are located in court facilities and it may not be convenient to go to a restaurant.)
    • Coffee, tea, soft drinks and water are provided.
    • Refrigerators and microwaves are available.

What not to Bring

You will not be allowed to bring the following items into court facilities:

  • cellular phones (including BlackBerrys);
  • PDA's or any other electronic device with wireless communication capability;
  • cameras; tape recorders; and
  • laptop/notebook computers.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted in federal court facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

For additional information regarding jury service, review the Frequently Asked Questions

Court Locations

The headquarters of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan is in Detroit, with divisional offices in Ann Arbor, Bay City, Flint and Port Huron. For specific information including directions, parking and contact numbers, select the court in which you were summoned to appear:

Detroit Ann Arbor Bay City Flint Port Huron

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