Sunday, July 21, 2024

Information For Jurors Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How was I selected for jury duty?

  2. What types of cases are tried in federal court?

  3. What is a petit jury?

  4. What is a grand jury?

  5. Whom do I call if I have a question?

  6. What if I served jury duty in another court?

  7. What do I wear to court?

  8. Can I bring my cellular phone or laptop computer?

  9. Can I bring my children to the courthouse if I have no babysitter?

  10. What if I don't drive?

  11. Will I have to pay for parking when I report for jury service?

  12. What if I am late?

  13. What if I fail to report for jury service?

  14. How do I prove to my employer that I have been at the courthouse for jury service?

  15. How much will I be paid and when can I expect the check?

  16. Are my attendance fees taxable?

  17. Is lunch provided by the court?

  18. Will I have to wait a long time in the jury room?

  19. How long will jury selection take?

  20. If I am selected, how long will the trial last?

  21. Will I be asked to serve on more than one jury during my term of service?

  22. Where can I find more information about jury service in the federal courts?