Sunday, January 19, 2020

Information For Attorneys Frequently Asked Questions

Attorney Admission

  1. How do I obtain the Application for Admission?

  2. What do I do after I complete the Application for Admission?

  3. How do I get sworn-in?

  4. Can I be sworn in remotely via telephone or video conference?

  5. How do I obtain an electronic filing login and password?

  6. Do I need a sponsor?

  7. Do you allow admission pro hac vice?

  8. I am out-of-state and have retained local counsel per E.D. Mich. LR 83.20(f). Do I still have to be admitted to the Court's bar?

  9. What happens if I file a document and I am not admitted to practice in the Eastern District of Michigan?

  10. I've received a letter stating I am not admitted, but I believe that I am admitted to practice. What should I do?