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Court Records

Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER)

Most court records are now in electronic format. Therefore the most convenient way to view court records is online through PACER. To view records online, you need a login and password from PACER. Registering for a PACER login and password may be done by completing their online registration or by calling either 1-800-676-6856 or (210) 301-6440 to obtain a registration form.

There is a per page charge for downloading PACER case information. For further information please contact PACER Service Center directly. Please include U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan in the subject of the email.

Once you have an active PACER account you may access the electronic records of any U.S. District Court by logging into their CM/ECF system using your PACER login and password.

Click here to access Eastern District electronic court records.

U.S. Party/Case Index

The U.S. Party/Case Index is a national index for federal appeals, district, and bankruptcy courts for registered PACER users

Nationwide searches may be conducted to determine whether or not a party is involved in federal litigation.

The U.S. Party Case Index may be accessed via the Internet or by using the dial-up service. You will be required to use a login and password issued by the PACER Service Center.

Login to U.S. Party Case Index .

Access to Non-Electronic Records

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