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These rules are current as of July 1, 2014.

Scope of Rules-One Form of Action

LR 1.1 Scope of Rules
LR 1.2 Emergency Suspension of the Local Rules
LR 1.3 Availability of the Local Rules

Commencement of Action; Service of Process, Pleadings, Motions and Orders

LR 3.1 Civil Case Cover Sheet
LR 5.1 Filing of Papers
LR 5.1.1 Filing and Service by Electronic Means
LR 5.2 Service of Non-Dispositive and Dispositive Orders; Stipulations and Orders
LR 5.3 Civil Material Filed Under Seal

Motions & Pleadings

LR 7.1 Motion Practice
LR 9.1 Special Rules of Pleading
LR 11.1 Sanctions for Non-Compliance with Local Rules
LR 11.2 Failure to Provide Notification of Change of Address
LR 15.1 Form of a Motion to Amend and Its Supporting Documentation

Pretrial Conferences and Procedures, Mediation

LR 16.1 Pretrial Conference
LR 16.2 Joint Final Pretrial Order
LR 16.3 Mediation
LR 16.4 Pretrial Filings and Exchanges


LR 26.1 Form of Certain Discovery Documents
LR 26.2 Filing Discovery Material
LR 26.3 Disclosures Required by Fed. R. Civ. P. 26(a)(3)
LR 26.4 Protective Order on Ground of Privilege or Other Protection
LR 37.1 Motion to Compel Discovery
LR 37.2 Form of Discovery Motions

Juries and Trials

LR 38.1 Jury Selection
LR 38.2 Assessment of Juror Expenses
LR 40.1 Assignment of Cases for Trial
LR 40.2 Continuances
LR 41.1 Settlements
LR 41.2 Dismissal for Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction or Failure to Prosecute
LR 42.1 Motions to Consolidate
LR 43.1 Examination of Witnesses
LR 47.1 Juror Communication
LR 52.1 Proposed Findings and Conclusions
LR 54.1 Taxation of Costs
LR 54.1.2 Attorneys’ Fees
LR 54.2 Social Security Fee Motions


LR 55.1 Clerk's Entry of Default
LR 55.2 Clerk's Entry of Judgment by Default
LR 58.1 Procedure for Entry of Judgments and Orders
LR 59.1 Motion to Alter or Amend a Judgment

Temporary Restraining Orders/Preliminary Injunctions, Deposits, Withdrawals & Garnishments

LR 65.1 Motions for Temporary Restraining Orders and for Preliminary Injunctions
LR 65.1.1 Attorney or Officer as Surety
LR 67.1 Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds in Interest-Bearing Accounts
LR 69.1 Garnishments

United States Magistrate Judge Duties

LR 72.1 United States Magistrate Judges
LR 72.2 Effect of Magistrate Judge Ruling Pending Appeal to a District Judge
LR 73.1 Special Designation to Exercise Civil Consent Authority

District Courts and Clerks

LR 77.1 Sessions of the Court
LR 77.2 Presiding Judge
LR 80.1 Orders for Transcript from Official Court Reporters
LR 81.1 Removal of Diversity Actions
LR 83.1 Amendments to Local Rules; Effective Date
LR 83.2 Reporters and Advisory Committee
LR 83.3 Administrative Orders
LR 83.4 Disclosure of Corporate Affiliations and Financial Interest
LR 83.10 Assignment of Civil Cases to Places of Holding Court
LR 83.11 Assignment and Reassignment of Civil Cases to Judges

Attorneys; Attorney Discipline; General Provisions

LR 83.20 Attorney Admission
LR 83.21 Law Student Practice
LR 83.22 Attorney Discipline
LR 83.25 Attorney's Appearance
LR 83.30 Courtroom Decorum
LR 83.31 Conduct in Federal Court Facilities
LR 83.40 Certification of Issues to State Courts
LR 83.50 Bankruptcy Cases and Proceedings
LR B.1 Exigent Circumstances in Proceedings Commenced by Attachment and Garnishment and Actions in Rem
LR E.1 Actions in Rem and Quasi in Rem

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