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The opinions posted in this section are selected by individual Judges of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. These opinions are not a complete inventory of all judges' decisions nor are these electronic versions official documents of record. Some judges select many of their opinions for posting here, and others select few if any. The number of opinions posted here is not an indication of the productivity of any single judge as compared to any other, nor is it an indication of the activity or productivity of the Eastern District of Michigan as a whole.

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Opinions Selected for Posting By

Judge David M Lawson (2005)

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Filing Date Case Number Case Caption
12/08/2005 05-cv-10152 Anglers of the Au Sable and Sierra Club (Mackinaw Chapter) v. United States Forest Service and United States Bureau of Land Management
12/02/2005 04-cv-10144 Sarah L. Flannery v. Tri-State Division, et al.
11/29/2005 04-cv-10072 Michael Harrell v. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
11/21/2005 01-cv-10337 Linda Rose, et al., v. Saginaw County, et al.
11/08/2005 05-cv-10135 Eddie Pritchett v. Marlene Johnson
11/08/2005 05-cv-10009 General Motors Corporation, et al., v. Hirschfield Steel Service Center, Inc., et al.
10/31/2005 02-cv-10319 Stephen Zervan v. Maday Construction, Incorporated, et al.
10/31/2005 02-cv-10042 Michael V. Doughty v. Henry Grayson
10/26/2005 05-cv-10100 Concerned Citizens of Caro v. Michigan Ethanol, L.L.C., et al
10/25/2005 04-cv-20051 United States of America v. Dawn L. Bartz
10/18/2005 04-cv-10309 Eryc Young v. Hightower, et al.
10/13/2005 04-cv-10292 Linda M. Portwood v. Commissioner of Social Security
09/26/2005 04-cv-10364 Tracy L. Clark v. Aetna Life Insurance Company
09/26/2005 99-cv-10090 Michael Ford v. Resident Unit Manager Rodda, et al.
08/31/2005 03-cv-10115 Wayne Morris Wallace v. Thomas K. Bell
08/29/2005 00-cv-10002 Keith Davis Weiner v. Barbara N. Bock
08/15/2005 05-cv-20008 United States of America v. William Edwin Popham, et al.
07/22/2005 01-cv-10294 Carol Ege v. Joan Yukins
07/08/2005 03-cv-20025 United States of America v. Kenneth Kenny
05/25/2005 04-cv-10195 Ronald Schroeder v. City of Vassar, et al.
05/20/2005 05-cv-10084 J. Lewis Cooper Company, et al. v. Diageo North America, et al.
04/19/2005 04-cv-10066 Kenneth Krupa v. Commissioner of Social Security
04/19/2005 05-cv-10008 Westfield Insurance Corporation v. Mainstream Capital Corporation
04/05/2005 03-cv-10234 Norman H. Redfield v. Commissioner of Social Security
03/16/2005 04-cv-10281 Frederick Allen Kennedy v. R.W.C., Inc. et al.
03/16/2005 02-cv-10169 Peter D. Yuch v. Commissioner of Social Security
03/16/2005 02-cv-10161 David H. McLean v. Commissioner of Social Security
02/09/2005 02-cv-10292 Wayne Edward Houck v. Commissioner of Social Security
02/09/2005 03-cv-10083 Dresser et. al. v. Cradle of Hope Adoption Center, et. al
02/09/2005 04-cv-10102 Detmar Finke v. Kirtland Community College Board of Trustees, et al.
02/09/2005 04-cv-10133 Thomas Neuenfeldt v. Williams Township
01/25/2005 01-cv-10337 Linda Rose, et al., v. Saginaw County, et al.
01/24/2005 03-cv-20064 United States of America v. Santana Romero Dottery
01/13/2005 04-cv-10206 James Wineman, et al. v. Durkee Lakes Hunting & Fishing Club, Incorporated
01/12/2005 99-cv-20060 United States of America v. Michael J. Kuhn
01/10/2005 01-cv-10354 Karen Stead v. Commissioner of Social Security
01/06/2005 02-CV-10318 Choice L. Causey and Henretta Denise Bradley v. City of Bay City, et al.

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