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Motion Practice

Counsel are expected to comply with Rule 7.1, Local Rules of this Court, including the requiring of filing responses and briefs within the time limits as set forth in LR 7.1(e).

Oral arguments on motions will not be held unless, upon consideration, the Court so orders. If the Court does order oral argument, reasonable notice of a date and time will be given to all counsel. E.D. Mich. Local R. 7.1(f)(2).

With respect to the filing of responses to motions pursuant to E.D. Mich. LR 7.1(d), the Court enforces the twenty-one day rule for dispositive motions and the fourteen-day rule for non-dispositive motions. The Court reviews ex parte applications pursuant to E.D. Mich. LR 7.1(c)(3)(A) to file a brief longer than 20 pages on a case-by-case basis. The Court will accept reply briefs, when they are timely filed, pursuant to E.D. Mich. LR 7.1(d), as amended. If the parties fail to comply with the requirements of E.D. Mich. LR 7.1, the brief may not be considered. In the event the Court elects to hold a hearing on a motion, the parties are encouraged to present a proposed order at the hearing. Most discovery motions are referred to the Magistrate. Motions other than discovery motions are generally not referred to the Magistrate.

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