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LR 5.1.1: Filing and Service by Electronic Means

(a) Governing Rules and Procedures. The local rules, the Court's ECF Policies and Procedures (Appendix ECF to these rules), and court orders govern papers filed by electronic means. Except as specified otherwise in the ECF Policies and Procedures or by court order, all papers (not simply cases) filed after November 30, 2005 must be filed electronically. The court may excuse a party from electronic filing on motion for good cause shown. Except as specified otherwise in this rule, papers must also comply with LR 5.1.

(b) (Reserved)

(c) Judge's Copies.

(1) Requirement. The court's web site specifies those papers that each judge requests be provided directly to the judge as a judge's copy. Judge's copies otherwise need not be provided unless the judge specifically requests them.

(2) Form. The judge's copy must have the Notice of Electronic Filing attached to the front.

(3) Submission to Judge. The judge's copy must be submitted directly to the judge's chambers, not to the clerk's office. Furnishing a judge's copy is not filing.

(d) Facsimile Transmission. Filing by electronic means does not include filing by facsimile transmission.

COMMENT: The Court will maintain electronic case files for all civil cases.

Administrative Order No. 04-AO-08, filed on February 4, 2004, suspended the original effective date of LR 5.1.1 from March 1, 2004, to June 1, 2004.

A judge may impose time or other limitations on the "good cause shown" referred to in (a).

April 1, 2019