Motion Practice

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  1. Communications with the Court. The Court's staff is not permitted to give advice on motion practice, including, but not limited to:
    1. Whether to file a motion
    2. What motion to file
    3. The formatting of a motion
    4. When to file a motion
  2. Seeking Concurrence. Parties must seek concurrence in all motions before they are filed, by speaking in person or on the telephone with opposing counsel. The Court expects more than a pro forma communication; parties are strongly encouraged to confer in good faith, prior to the drafting of a motion. Failure to seek concurrence or adhere to Local Rule 7.1(a) may result in the Court striking the motion.
  3. Motion Hearings. Parties must not contact the Court to inquire as to the status of any outstanding motions. Continuances of hearing dates will be granted only on motion and only for good cause shown.
  4. Briefs.
    1. Searchable text. Parties must submit briefs in a searchable-text format. The Court may strike motions for failure to file in the proper format.
    2. Exhibits. Parties must file exhibits using the CM/ECF feature for exhibits. The Court may strike motions for improperly filing exhibits.
    3. Requirements for briefs exceeding twelve pages.
      1. Contents. If a brief and its accompanying exhibits exceed twelve pages in total length, the filing must contain a table of contents, a table of authorities, and an index of exhibits.
      2. Courtesy copies. A courtesy hard copy must be submitted, by mail or by hand delivery to chambers. Filing a courtesy copy does not substitute for the required use of the Court's electronic filings system and a printed copy of the Notice of Electronic Filing must be attached to the front of each courtesy copy. Hand delivery is required for documents relating to a court proceeding that is scheduled within the next five days or that otherwise require the immediate attention of the Court. For security reasons, couriers are not admitted into chambers. Please instruct couriers to simply leave the courtesy copy in the inbox outside the chambers door. See also "COVID-19", infra.
      3. Citations. References to briefs, docket filings, or to another party's argument or statement must include a specific citation to the docket number and "PgID" number of the matter referenced.