Appearances and Conduct of Counsel

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i. Pro Hac Vice appearances: E.D. Mich. LR 83.20(c) does not allow pro hac vice admission of counsel, and the court does not vary from that Rule.

ii. Withdrawal of an appearance: The court presumes that counsel who enter a case will remain in place through either the disposition of the case or the substitution of replacement counsel. In extreme or unusual circumstances, counsel may be permitted to withdraw unless the party represented is a corporate entity. In such cases, a substitution of counsel is required since a corporation cannot be heard except through counsel. The court readily permits substitution of new counsel so long as substitute counsel is prepared to proceed on the established schedule without dely.

iii. Conduct of counsel in trial: The court provides a Guideline for Conduct of Trial Counsel with specific information on the court's expectations for the conduct of hearings and trials. In it, the court states, among other things, that it discourages excessive sidebar conferences and requests counsel to make sidebar matters known either before the opening of jury presentation or at other times when the jury would not be inconvenienced by out-of-presence discussions. The court directs that any objection made during trial is to be delivered without extraneous argument or lecturing to the jury.