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Upon expiration of the discovery cut-off, the parties shall attempt to resolve the case. Unless the parties stipulate to a referral for mediation, case evaluation, or agree to use their own facilitator, the matter will be referred to the assigned Magistrate Judge to conduct a settlement conference. If the scheduled date of the settlement conference, mediation, etc., is within 30 days of the trial date, the parties shall inform the Court and the remaining dates in the scheduling order will be adjusted accordingly. Settlement negotiations in a non-jury matter will be referred to another Judge for a settlement conference if requested. Generally, settlement conferences occur at the Final Pretrial Conference. If counsel of record requests, the Court is amenable to scheduling (and, in jury cases, participating in) a settlement conference prior to the Final Pretrial Conference. Clients, with authority, must be present at the settlement conference. All settlements should be reported to Judge Rosen's Case Manager, Julie Owens at (313)234-5137, immediately as required in E.D. Mich. LR 41.1 . The Court will generally require the payment of jury costs for all settlements reached on the day of trial after a jury has been ordered.