Warning - Court's Name & Main Line Phone Number Is Being Spammed

3/21/2024 4:44 PM

The Court’s help desk has received calls from customers stating that they received a call from the Court where the Court’s name and main number (313) 234-5000 appear on the Caller ID and where the person states that they are calling from U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic.  The person then tells the customer that they are under investigation and must pay money or a warrant will issue.



Please be advised that the call is fraudulent and:

  1. The Court does not call the public to “demand money”  and will not issue warrants for the failure to pay the demand.
  2. The U.S. Embassy representative/employees do not work for the Court and cannot conduct investigations on behalf of the Court or U.S. Attorney’s Office
  3. If there is a question about possible pending charges, they should contact the U.S. Attorney’s office at (313) 226-9100.