Courtesy Copies

Print Guideline

A courtesy copy of all motions and briefs, including exhibits, must be sent to chambers via First-Class Mail the same day the document is e-filed, or hand-delivered not later than the next business day after the document is e-filed. The courtesy copy should consist of the actual e-filed document and contain the electronic file stamp on the top of each page. Courtesy copies may be bound in any manner other than a prong fastener, or 3-hole punched and provided in an appropriate 3-ring binder. The Court will not accept documents loosely secured with a rubber band or binder clip. All filings, including exhibits, must be labeled and may be printed double sided. Relevant portions of exhibits must be highlighted.

Along with the courtesy copy, the filing party must include copies of the main cases and other authority that support its legal position(s). The filing party must highlight the relevant portion(s) of these authorities.

PLEASE NOTE: Any exhibits containing transcripts of hearings or depositions must contain the entire transcript or deposition, with relevant portions highlighted, printed four pages of deposition per page and double sided.