Scheduling and Status Conferences

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When a case has been referred for all pretrial proceedings, the parties shall conduct a Rule 26(f) conference and submit a proposed joint discovery plan, unless the Court orders otherwise. The Court may then hold an initial Rule 16 scheduling conference and issue a scheduling order based on the joint discovery plan. This conference will require the personal appearances of counsel of record who have primary responsibility for pretrial matters.

The Court may also hold additional status, scheduling, or discovery conferences as required. If counsel believes that any such conference would be productive, counsel may request one by calling the case manager. The Court will generally hold such conferences by telephone, but parties may request in-person conferences in appropriate cases.

In particular case, where discovery disputes appear to multiply needlessly or where many motions are filed, the Court may set the matter for additional discovery conferences or direct the parties to conduct a Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26(f) conference prior to meeting with the Magistrate Judge.