Courtesy Copy Policy

Print Guideline

In accordance with the rules, the Court requires courtesy copies of all dispositive motion papers. The Court also requests courtesy copies of all lengthy pleadings or pleadings to which multiple exhibits are attached thereto. Courtesy copies should be provided with the .pdf header printed across the top of the page. Exhibits must have labels attached that extend beyond the right hand side of the paper. Motion papers must be bound along the left margin (“Book-style”) with binding combs. Courtesy copies that do not comply with the formatting requirements, including exhibit tabs and book-style binding, will be returned for reformatting before they will be considered. When citing deposition testimony, counsel should supply the Court with a transcript of the cited page(s), together with sufficient accompanying pages to provide context. Full transcripts will be accepted and are preferred unless they are unusually long; transcript indexes also are preferred. Courtesy copies must be submitted promptly after the pleading is filed.