Internships and Clerkships

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  1. GENERAL INFORMATION: Our Chambers welcomes applications from law students for semester or summer internships, and we generally bring on as many interns as we have the capacity to manage and mentor. We view our Chambers as a court family and work closely together as a team, committed to a shared set of values that focuses on administering justice in a fair, impartial, and efficient manner. We view our mission as one of providing service to the public, the attorneys, the parties, the witnesses and the victims. Within Chambers, we work as colleagues toward this common goal in an environment that encourages communication, dialogue, discussion, and mutual assistance, and we try to have fun and make friendships along the way. Interns should be prepared to work extremely hard to meet deadlines with high-quality written work. Students with diverse backgrounds, as well as those from local law schools, are particularly encouraged to apply. All internships are currently remote.
  2. TIMELINE: Internship applications will be accepted within the following windows each year. Applicants will be contacted regarding next steps shortly after the application period closes.

  3. PROCESS: To apply, email a cover letter, resume, transcript, and writing sample as one PDF file to Please indicate the number of hours you expect to be able to work per week based on classes or other commitments. We encourage cover letters that go beyond the generic and explain a bit about who you are, your career aspirations, your goals in seeking a judicial internship, and any reasons you may have for wanting to work in this Court or for Judge Berg in particular.


Judge Berg follows the Hiring Plan and only accepts clerkship applications through the OSCAR platform. Applications submitted by postal mail or another format outside of OSCAR will not be considered, and applicants are discouraged from submitting unsolicited applications. Interested applicants should check Judge Berg’s OSCAR profile, which will indicate whether there are current open clerkship postings.