Criminal Matters

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If the parties intend for the case to be resolved by a plea agreement pursuant to Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 11, the parties must submit a signed, written plea agreement no later than forty-eight (48) hours prior to the plea hearing date. The Court will consider Alford and nolo contendere pleas. In the criminal trial notice and scheduling order, the court will establish a plea cutoff date approximately three weeks prior to the start of trial.

Discovery Procedures:

Unless there is a well-founded concern for the safety of the witness, the parties are strongly encouraged to provide Jencks and reciprocal Jencks material no later than the day before the final pretrial conference, or sooner if the parties agree.


Sentencing recommendations of the probation officer are not divulged. Counsel may raise objections to the presentence report in writing prior to sentencing in accordance with Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 32(f). The procedure for filing objections and a sentencing memorandum are set forth in the Court's Standing Order Setting Sentencing and Deadline Dates.