Appearances and Conduct of Counsel & Witnesses

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  1. Pro hac vice admission is not permitted, pursuant to Local Rule 83.20(c), and waivers are highly disfavored.
  2. Telephonic appearances.Court very rarely permits any party to appear telephonically. Telephonic participation is not permitted at scheduling conferences.
  3. Conduct of counsel.
    1. Attire. Counsel appearing in court or for video conferences are expected to be dressed in business attire at all times.
    2. Addressing bench, witnesses, and jury. Unless physically unable to do so, counsel must stand when addressing the Court, jury, or witnesses, and when the jury enters or exits. Counsel must request permission to approach the bench, witnesses, or the jury, and even after approaching, Counsel should refrain from physical contact with the bench, witness stand, or jury box.
    3. Witnesses. Timeliness of appearance and respectful attire are required.
  4. Courtroom technology. There is no publicly available WiFi in the courtroom. The courtroom is equipped with a projector, screen, and speakers. Counsel may connect devices to the AV system through the ports provided at counsel table. Ports include one input HDMI, one 3.5mm audio/headphone jack, and one input for VGA. No devices, cords, or adapters are available. Parties may arrange to visit the courtroom before a hearing or trial to test and familiarize themselves with the courtroom technology.