Courtesy Copy Policy

Print Guideline

A courtesy copy of ALL DISPOSITIVE MOTION PAPERS, including responses and replies, and all accompanying exhibits should be submitted in chambers. Exhibits must have labels attached which extend beyond the side of the paper. Motions must be permanently secured on the left side--the Court will not accept documents loosely secured with a rubber band or binder clip. A printed copy of the Notice of Electronic Filing must be attached to the front of the paper. The chambers copy must be sent via first class mail the same day the document is e-filed, unless it relates to a court proceeding scheduled within the next five days or otherwise requires the immediate attention of the Court, in which case the chambers copy must be hand-delivered to chambers no later than the morning of the next business day after the document is e-filed.

Courtesy copies are similarly required for any non-dispositive motion papers where the brief and its accompanying exhibits exceed twenty pages in total length. Unless specifically requested, courtesy copies are not required for filings of shorter length.