Courtesy Copies

Print Guideline

The parties must provide the Court with a Judge’s Copy of all motions and briefs filed in support of and in opposition to motions. The parties must also provide the Court with a Judge’s Copy of all exhibits filed in relation to a motion. The Judge’s copy of exhibits should also be index and tabbed. In addition, on the Judge’s copy of the exhibits the relevant parts of all exhibits, including depositions transcripts and cases, must be highlighted.

Copies must be appropriately bound, with the electronic file stamp (CM/ECF header) fully visible on each page, i.e. do not bind the courtesy copy with a top fastener. No loose or single binder metal clip bound copies or rubber banded copies will be accepted by the Court. No prong fasteners may be used. No side staples please.

Please note: depending on the size of the complete document plus exhibits, a short filing may be stapled in the top left corner or bound on the side. A THREE RING BINDER, COMB, SPIRAL or THERMAL BINDING ARE ACCEPTABLE.