General Instructions

Print Guideline

Chambers staff is happy to answer questions about chambers procedures. HOWEVER, please consult the Electronic Filing Policies and Procedures, the Local Rules, the case docket (if applicable) and the information on this website before contacting Chambers with a question.

The Judge prefers that papers submitted electronically to chambers be in the current version of Word.

Local Rules are enforced - please pay particular attention to L.R.7.1, and Electronic Filing Rules 5 and 9(d).

Stipulations should be e-filed through the CM/ECF system. However, proposed Orders regarding those Stipulations should be directed to Chambers via the link located under the Utilities section in CM/ECF. Please consult Rule 12 of the ECF Policies and Procedures for additional information regarding Proposed Orders. Stipulations combined with orders are discouraged.

The short statements (pleading format, double spaced) required by the Notice of the Case Management and Scheduling Conference should be e-mailed to Chambers at They are not to be e-filed.

The Court encourages the use of modern technology to display exhibits and demonstrative aides during trial. However, prior arrangements must be made with Chambers staff. Requests for interpreters and accommodations for witnesses with disabilities should be made with Chambers at least one week before needed.

If a case is settled, the parties must notify Chambers in writing via email or telefax by the next business day.

If you do not have the current version of Adobe, please download it.