Judges' Courtesy Copy Policy

Print Guideline

One "courtesy" or "chambers copy" of all motions, responsive pleadings, briefs, and exhibits—where the cumulative page number of the entry exceeds 25 pages, or the number of exhibits exceeds 5—must be submitted directly to the judge's chambers on paper. This requirement is waived while state stay-at-home orders are in effect.

The courtesy copy should be double-sided.

The first page of a plaintiff's filing must be printed on pink paper. Correspondingly, the first page of a defendant's filing must be printed on light-blue paper.

Any exhibits must be properly tabbed.

All papers must be firmly bound, usually along the left margin ("book-style" or spiral bound).

Good practice requires that in appropriate cases, relevant portions of lengthy documents be highlighted.

The chambers copy must be sent via first-class mail or hand delivered (to Judge Tarnow's attention) the same day the document is e-filed, unless it relates to a court proceeding scheduled within the next five days or otherwise requires the immediate attention of the Court, in which case the chambers copy must be hand-delivered to chambers not later than the morning of the next business day after the document is e-filed. Proposed Orders are preferred in MS Word format.

Revised April 17, 2020.