Motion Practice

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The Court Clerk will send out a notice of the hearing date. The Court will consider ex parte applications to file a brief longer than 25 pages based upon the complexity and number of the issues. Copies of the proposed brief must be provided to the Court along with the ex parte application. The page limits are rarely extended more than five pages for responses and two pages for replies. Motions currently are heard two months after they are filed. The Court enforces E.D. Mich. LR 7.1(d) with respect to the filing of responses to motions, even when the motion hearing is set far in advance, although the Court routinely grants extension requests if they are timely filed. Attorneys who do not respond to motions in a timely fashion are not permitted to argue before the Court during oral argument. The Court will accept reply briefs if filed pursuant to E.D. Mich. LR 7.1. Sur-replies are not permitted. The Court requires strict compliance with E.D. Mich. LR 7.1(a) regarding concurrence, and the Court may impose costs for failure to comply with the Local Rule. The Court does not generally refer motions other than discovery motions to the Magistrate Judge except as required by Court procedure.