Pleas and Sentencing

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a. Pleas

The Court will rarely accept an Alford plea and never over Government objection. The Court will rarely accept a nolo contendere plea and never over Government objection.

b. Sentencing

The Court requires a presentence investigation and report prior to sentencing. Disputes between the government and defense counsel relating to computation of sentencing guidelines are typically resolved by a hearing prior to sentencing. If the AUSA and defense counsel agree on the computation of sentencing guidelines, but the Probation Officer disputes their conclusion, the Court will use a conference or hearing to resolve the conflict. The Court meets with the Probation Officer prior to sentencing.

c. Miscellaneous

The Court will typically permit a convicted individual to self report to the custodial facility unless there are extenuating circumstances. If the Court rejects a Rule 11 plea agreement, it will inform the parties prior to the sentencing date.