Judges Of The US District Court
For The Eastern District of Michigan

Stephen John Roth

Born April 21, 1908 Hungary
Died July 11, 1974


Ph.B. University of Notre Dame, 1931
LL.B. University of Michigan Law School, 1935

Professional Career

Private law practice, Flint, MI, 1935-37; 1939-41; 1943; 1945-48; 1950-52
Assistant prosecuting attorney, Gennesee County, MI 1937-1938
Prosecuting attorney, Gennesee County, MI, 1941-42
US Army Second Lieutenant, 1942-1945
Attorney general of Michigan, 1949-1950
Judge, Circuit Court of Michigan, 1952-1962

Federal Judicial Service

US District Court, Eastern District of Michigan
Nominated by President John F. Kennedy, 1962
Served 1962-1974

Stephen John Roth


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