Judges Of The US District Court
For The Eastern District of Michigan

Barbara Kloka Hackett

Born March 17, 1928 Detroit


Ph.B. University of Detroit, 1948
J.D. University of Detroit School of Law, 1950

Professional Career

Staff lawyer, Michigan-Wisconsin Pipeline Co., 1950-1951
Law clerk, Hon. Frank Picard, US District Court, Eastern District of Michiganchigan, 1951-1952
Private law practice, Detroit, 1952-1965; 1966-67; 1972-73; 1984-86
Lawyer, New York Central Railroad Co., 1963-1965
Chief law clerk, Michigan Court of Appeals, 1965-1966
Assistant prosecuting attorney, Wayne County, MI, 1967-1972
US Magistrate, US District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, 1973-1984
Acting chief, Appellate Division, Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, 1986

Federal Judicial Service

US District Court, Eastern District of Michigan
Nominated by President Ronald Reagan, 1986
Served 1986-2000
Senior status 1997-2000
Retired from the Court in 2000

Barbara Kloka Hackett
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